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Upcoming Course2020

Interpreting the zangfu 臟腑 organs

of Chinese Medicine​*

these courses will be on ZOOM

Sat 27 and Sun 28 June 2020

Treating musculo-skeletal conditions usinga TEAM approach*
Sat 12 Sept 2020

​​​​Holographic Guasha - a practical introduction *
Sat 26 Sept 2020

The Diaphragm - dynamo of the meridians *

Sat 17 Oct 2020

Treating musculo-skeletal conditions using a TEAM approach - ADVANCED
Sun 18 Oct 2020

​Introduction to Sa am style Five Element acupuncture*
Sat 20 March 2021
Introduction to Scalp acupuncture
Sun 21 March 2021
*open to students or anyone with an interest in this area *

The Way of Water or The Strength of Weakness
According to the Daodejing 道德經- 'The book of the Way and its Potency'
With Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée

The Book of the Way and its Potency (or Virtue) attributed to Laozi is one of the most important texts of Daoism. It is also one of the most prominent works ever written on how to find enough meaning in the universe to conduct a personal life based on what is behind and beyond this life. It is a text that can be fruitfully studied and meditated even today, and it still inspires the many people's lives.
Images of water permeate the book with metaphors that show how suppleness, apparent weakness, and the ability to yield and to endure can overcome force and violence. 'The strength of weakness' is presented as a way to succeed and to nurture life, for which one must shift internally and adopt another view on human relationships and on how life proceeds. When this change is achieved,
'The Way of Water' reveals its richness and its marvelous efficiency, bringing us close to the source of life.

The 4 webinar courses will be held
Mondays Sept. 16, 23, 30 and Oct. 7
at 12:30 am PDT (3:30 pm EDT, 9:30 pm CEST/Paris)

Participants can qualify for 4 CEUs/PDAs
(certification pending: please specify this option on registration)
Registration and payment exclusively online at:

Cost for complete webinar : $60 ($90 for course and CEUs)

Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée is Dean of Studies and senior lecturer of the European School of Acupuncture. She lectures on classical Chinese, ancient Chinese philosophy and particularly on classical medical texts in academic institutes, universities and schools in Europe, in North
and South America, as well as in Israel and in Australia. She is also author of many books, booklets and articles (see among others monkeypress.net and redwingbooks.com). 

During the four webinar lectures, this perception will be demonstrated through several selected
Daodejing chapters. Several other texts of the same period (the turn of the 3rd century BC) that
share the same approach will also be presented. 

Handouts will provide the Chinese text (with pinyin) for the selected chapters, along with R.G.
Henricks’s translation, which is one of the several good available English translations.The
participants are of course welcome to use their own favorite translation and eventually question
about dissimilarities. All the same, it is not necessary to know Chinese to follow the lectures.

During the lectures, participants (on a desktop computer) can engage in chat to post comments,
ask questions and generally communicate with the lecturer or among themselves.
Each course is recorded and available to the registered students in unlimited access (in online format only) to review and learn.