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Upcoming Course 2019-2020

First Aid with Holos*

Sat 25 Jan 2020

Jie 節 'vital rhythms':

the lesson of bamboo*

Fri 6 March 2020

Soft Tissue Release: practical techniques for practitioners*

Sat 28 March 2020

Interpreting the zangfu 臟腑 organs

of Chinese Medicine​*

​Sun 3 May, Sat 13 and Sun 14 June 2020

Introduction to Sa am style Five Element acupuncture*

Sat 27 June 2020

Introduction to Scalp acupuncture

Sun 28 June 2020

*open to students or anyone with an interest in this area *

Richard Ashworth is probably best known for introducing authentic Chinese Imperial Feng Shui to BBC TV's Housebusters and for his book The Feng Shui Diaries which apart from anything else, may be the funniest on the subject to date.

Richard has studied with a series of masters over a period of decades, including attending Huazhong University in central China. His direct, authoritative and humorous approach has changed lives for the better from Poland to New Zealand.

He has worked with A-Listers such as Gillian Anderson (who said he “commands both confidence and awe”) and Britain’s favourite Interior Designer Kelly Hoppen (who called him “the person I trust with my own space”). He has been the subject of the Sunday Times ‘A Life in the Day’ and advised Big Brother’s Little Brother.

In 2012 he became one of very few Western Masters to address the Singapore International Feng Shui Conference and in 2008 was co-chair of the 1st International Congress on Scientific Feng Shui in Turin. A regular enquirer of The Course in Miracles and a longterm student of the Book of Changes, Richard is happily married with six grown-up children.

Richard’s day job remains “going in and out of people’s spaces being enigmatic” as well as teaching what he has learned. His aim he says, is “to leave people happier, healthier and more abundant” than he found them.Richard teaches traditional Chinese Feng Shui and Bazi both in groups and by Skype to students and professionals from Seattle to Poland.

Discover the secrets of the Four Pillars of Destiny

BOOK NOW  ** open to anyone interested in the area: no previous knowledge necessary **

I never fail to be astonished by Richard’s relentless and dedicated quest to unravel the secrets of the bazi. His researches have taken him to many parts of the globe to learn from traditional masters and in turn to share his discoveries with them. Few, if any, western teachers would surpass his knowledge of this particular field of Chinese traditional culture.
Derek Walters, Author of the Complete Guide to Chinese Astrology

Bazi 八字 (or "Four Pillars", sometimes misleadingly called a Chinese Horoscope) is a snapshot of the Elements – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal - prevailing at our moment of birth. You might call it personal feng shui because its meaning and impetus are independent of any building we may be inhabiting from time to time. It’s a healing tool, a key to the soul and often a wake-up call.

The Four Pillars of the bazi are so-called because they consist of a (Heavenly) Stem on top of an (Earthly) Branch – thus a“pillar”. The Branches are named for the twelve Celestial Animals – Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon etc – and the ten Stems (each of which represents one of the Five Elements 五行) which modify them, hence Fire Monkey, Earth Pig and so on. As there are five Elements and ten Stems, there are sixty Pillars. These sixty Pillars fall into an inevitable order called the Ganzhi 干支 (Stem and Branch) Cycle. Every Year, every Month, every Day and every Hour is ruled by a pillar in this cycle and therefore has a distinctive nature.

Since the Elements wax and wane cyclically, it is possible to run this Elemental snapshot backwards and forwards and identify what occurred to get us where we are today and the paths to likely futures. Probable opportunities, preferences, strengths and weaknesses are often identified this way and above all choices and decisions. We may also find ourselves able to address health, career and relationship issues from an entirely new direction.

Nothing is written in stone but if you subscribe to the principle that how a life proceeds is a question of choice (and there's no law that you have to), then poor choices can be revisited and re-examined. If we chose something, we can unchoose it. So a bazi can locate crossroads and offer new beginnings. Such diagnosis can lead to many forms of prescription including both feng shui and acupuncture. What’s for sure is that it will empower you to know your client to a new depth.

Four weekends:

Sat/Sun 16 and 17 Nov 2019
Sat/Sun 29 Feb and 1 March 2020
Sat/Sun 4 and 5 April 2020
Sat/Sun 9 and 10 May 2020

Time         10am - 5pm
Cost          £800 (for the full course)
Spaces      Max 15
Tutor         Richard Ashworth

About your tutor: Richard Ashworth, Imperial Feng Shui

Entry requirements

The course consists of four modules. No prior knowledge of bazi, feng shui or Chinese culture is required. 
Equally this course takes note of different methods and approaches, many of which are likely to be fresh even
to the sophisticated student. Essentially this is a course in divination.