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Upcoming Courses 2017 - 2018

The Dance of Fire & Water *
Fri 16 March 2018

*open to students or anyone with an interest in this area *

Entry requirements

Qualified acupuncture practitioners with full BAcC membership or Chinese Medicine Herbalists, of any length of practice are welcome. Students of acupuncture or chinese herbal medicine. Anyone interested in this area.
About your tutor: Andreas Kuehne
Studied at the East West Academy, San Francisco, CA, USA (1997-2000). Clinical internship at the Xi Yuan Clinic for Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China (1999, 2000,2001,2002, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2012).
Further education at different schools in Germany, England, USA, China: Lillian Bridges, USA; Kevin Chen, New Jersey Medical School; Richard M. Chin, Long Island University; Garri Garripoli, CA; Binhui He, China; Nan Lu, New Jersey; Yoshiaki Omura, New York; Kangmin Shu, China; Sifu Kiew Kit Wong, CA; Thornton Chamberlin, Switzerland; Professor Basilio Chen, San Francisco; Rene Goris, Netherlands; Jerry Alan Johnson, Peninsula, USA; Mark Johnson, Karen Kingston, UK; Michael Tierra, CA; Shi Yong Dao, Shaolin, China.
Founder and director of Thammavong School for Classical Chinese Medicine since 1990. Head of German Qigong Association since 1997. Teacher of Classical Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Daoist Kung Fu, Feng Shui, Herbs, Tuina. Educated as a personal student by Master Kaikham Thammavong, Laos (1986 -1990). 

Enhance your diagnostic skills and treatment results with this simple but amazing Classical Medicine tool.
Facial Diagnosis is a valuable technique for all medical practitioners and consultants, and can help you to finely tune your treatment strategies in a way unknown to many Chinese medicine practitioners.
In this intensive seminar you will discover the fundamental principles of face reading that will allow you to literally transform your diagnostic skills overnight.
Join Andreas Kuehne as he reveals why facial diagnosis is so important, and how you can use it in your clinic to create clearer treatment strategies with increased treatment results.
What you will discover:
- How facial diagnosis works and how you can incorporate it into other diagnostic techniques
- How to see constitutional strengths and challenges and current conditions and past conflicts
- The facial map and how you can read it easily
- The meanings of features and signs of the face
- The relationships of the different features
- The most important steps to read a face
By the end of this seminar you will clearly understand how to use facial diagnosis, and you will have the basic tools to start practicing immediately.

         Date          Saturday 9 April 2016

        Time         10am - 5pm
        Cost          £75

        Spaces      Max 20
        Tutor         Andreas Kuehne

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Facial Diagnosis –The Missing Diagnostic Tool