The dance of Water and Fire: the double aspect of the Origin
Water and Fire are the origin of life: representing the complementary opposites of Yin and Yang, Jing-essence and Qi are the double aspect of the origin. When we speak of the Fire of Mingmen, we are actually speaking of the power of a person’s constitutional Yang, of their Qi. But Water - the true Yin and Jing-essence - is of equal importance.
The interaction of Water and Fire ensures we correctly process liquids and food, and metabolise fluids, etc. Several zang fu organs are involved: we will investigate their specific tasks as well as their inter-relationships.
The abdomen is the thoroughfare for transformation: it is the place where the balance and exchange of Water and Fire occurs to create and maintain life. The Kidneys control the interaction of true Water and true Fire, which is the foundation that supports the functions of the entire organism. From this place of ’origin’, every part and function of the body/mind will develop and flow.
The ministerial Fire – the Fire of Mingmen and the Triple Heater - is in charge for everything that flows, and all waters.
We will discover the deep meaning of the Triple Heater in its relationship with both qi and liquids; linked to the origin as well as to the multiple manifestations of life.

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She is the senior lecturer at the European School of Acupuncture and has exceptional knowledge of the Chinese Medical classics, grounded by her experience as an acupuncture practitioner.
She teaches Chinese Philosophy, Chinese classical language and Chinese traditional medicine in more than fifteen countries at various universities, Institutes and Schools. She has written numerous books and pamphlets in several languages, specially, in English, those published by Monkey Press.
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Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée was born in Paris in 1949 and holds degrees in Philosophy and the Classics and in Chinese Studies. She collaborated with the late Dr Jean Schatz and Father Claude Larre, both as a researcher and translator on classical Chinese thinking and medical texts. After a year in Taiwan (1974-75), she began teaching at the Ricci Institute in Paris; she was the secretary general until 2005. She worked for more than 12 years on the Grand Ricci, a comprehensive encyclopaedic Chinese-French dictionary, and was its chief editor until its publication in 2001. 

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 The dance of Fire & Water