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The Dance of Fire & Water *
Fri 16 March 2018

The Origins & Clinical uses of Acupuncture in Classical Chinese Medicine *
Sat 28 April 2018

Understand & treat Auto-immune disorders with Classical Chinese Medicine*
Sun 29 April 2018

*open to students or anyone with an interest in this area *

Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée was born in Paris in 1949 and holds degrees in Philosophy and the Classics and in Chinese Studies. She collaborated with the late Dr Jean Schatz and Father Claude Larre, both as a researcher and translator on classical Chinese thinking and medical texts. After a year in Taiwan (1974-75), she began teaching at the Ricci Institute in Paris; she was the secretary general until 2005. She worked for more than 12 years on the Grand Ricci, a comprehensive encyclopaedic Chinese-French dictionary, and was its chief editor until its publication in 2001. 

About your tutor: Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée
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Open to students or anyone with an interest this area.

In “The Notion of Origin” from the Chinese Classics, Elisabeth Rochat presents the source or Origin, and the continuum process of dualism which manifests and enables the plurality, which, in turn, illustrates the One.
The very movement of differentiation is the very movement by which the duality is in relationship.  There is no difference between differentiation and relationship! This is what allows everything to be and to become. If we make a difference between differentiation and relationship, we invent a separation which leads us to an abstraction, such as thinking of Heaven without Earth or Earth without Heaven : but this is not a reality. We may build some abstract concepts which may be very useful at certain levels, but if we forget that this is not reality, we lose ourselves and our patients are lost too.

This lecture presents a review of the notion of Origin of the world from the Chinese cosmological macrocosm, relating it to the human microcosm. It will illustrate the Origin as the beginning of the world, to the Origin of life and of each living being.
Each time there is the beginning of a new life, there is Heaven and Earth, and a great beginning coming from Heaven. All changes and transformations complete a being on Earth, and finally a child is born.
We can also speak in term of the Way (Dao) and its Potency (or Virtue, De) as the constant Origin, able to nurture all forms of life.
We explore the expansion of the Oneness – linked to the Origin – as the passage from the formless, imperceptible, unknowable, to a form of life with specific features, through the couple, three & two, which is the duality, not plurality.
We will see how yin yang is the pattern of all couples, the Water and Fire of the Origin, in the cosmos as well as in the human being.

This presentation is based on Chinese Classical and Medical texts written between the 5th BCE and 2nd CE. Handouts contain the texts quoted so you can follow the lecture easily.


She is the senior lecturer at the European School of Acupuncture and has exceptional knowledge of the Chinese Medical classics, grounded by her experience as an acupuncture practitioner.She teaches Chinese Philosophy, Chinese classical language and Chinese traditional medicine in more than fifteen countries at various universities, Institutes and Schools. She has written numerous books and pamphlets in several languages, specially, in English, those published by Monkey Press.

     Date         Friday 29 September 2017
    Time         10am - 6pm
    Cost          £75 (Students £65) No ACMAC discount
    Spaces      Max 25
    Tutor         Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée

  ** open to all**

The Origin in Chinese Medicine