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Upcoming Course2020-21

The Diaphragm - dynamo of the meridians *

Sat 17 Oct 2020

Treating musculo-skeletal conditions using a TEAM approach - ADVANCED
Sun 18 Oct 2020

​​​​Holographic Guasha - a practical introduction *
Sat 6 Feb 2021

​Introduction to Sa am style Five Element acupuncture*
Sat 20 March 2021
Introduction to Scalp acupuncture
Sun 21 March 2021

​Interpreting the zangfu 臟腑 organs
of Chinese Medicine​*

​these three days are available to buy as ZOOM recordings

*open to students or anyone with an interest in this area *

After graduation, he worked as an acupuncture specialist and TCM consultant in Tianjin TCM University Hospital. He was also appointed as a professor at the university. 
Dr. Liu has been awarded many certificates for Medical achievements in his career and has had a wealth of papers published.
About your tutor: Dr Huian Liu
Dr Liu is a Fellow Member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine 
(TCM) in the UK, as well as a Member of the NHS Directory of CAP and a Guest
Lecturer of International College of Oriental Medicine.
He graduated from the TCM University in Tianjin China in 1985, and has had more than 30 years of experience in the field since.
This one-day introductory hands-on seminar is a great chance to learn about Scalp acupuncture: a specialised micro-system of acupuncture which can yield outstanding results. 
The system works via the mapping of zones onto the scalp, some of which include traditionalmeridian points.  Body functions and regions, rather than traditional indications or meridians inform point selection. Needles are inserted into the scalp in the subcutaneous layer and are usually strongly stimulated.

Benefits of treating your patients with scalp acupuncture include
• Treatment can be given in any position
• Excellent as an adjunct for all neurological conditions
• Most conditions respond faster

In this unique one day workshop you will learn;
• Introduction to the zones of the scalp, including a scalp reference map
• Demonstrations and practice of scalp lines location
• Plus the opportunity to learn and practise the needle stimulating technique.

Entry requirements

It’s a great addition to your acupuncture practice and is especially good for neurological conditions including strokes, severe head injuries and reducing chronic muscle spasm.
This workshop is suitable for acupuncturists and final year acupuncture students

         Date          Sunday 24 April 2016

        Time         10am - 5pm
        Cost          £75
        Spaces      Max 16
        Tutor         Dr Liu

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Practical Scalp Acupuncture workshop