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Upcoming Course 2018-2019

​​Intuition, Intention, Knowledge: 

in diagnosis & treatment *
Fri 19 October 2018

​​​​Health, longevity & fertility:

Suwen 1 &2 *
Sat 24 November 2018

Maijing Pulse diagnosis*
Sat 2 Feb 2019

*open to students or anyone with an interest in this area *

    *Earlybird: book & pay one month in advance, £65*                                                          **Open to all** 

Neijing Suwen chapters 1 and 2 introduce the Chinese views on health, longevity and fertility. They include the 7 and 8 year cycles of fertility for men and women, and discuss the ways to avoid ill health by adapting life to the rhythms of the four seasons.
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​​​​Date       Sat 24 November 2019

Time      10am - 5pm 

Cost       £75     

Spaces    Max 20

Tutor   Sandra Hill

Health, longevity & fertility

                                             **Open to all**

What is “intent” and “intention”? How does it take form in the mind and in the heart? What are the relationships between emotions, knowledge and instinct? What is the importance of shaping our intent in our practice as well as in the accuracy of our intellect?

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       Maijing Pulse Diagnosis

Intention, Intuition, Knowledge:

in diagnosis & treatment

    *Earlybird: book & pay one month in advance, £65* 

This method of pulse diagnosis from the Classic of the Pulse, the Maijing, 脈經 can be integrated easily into your current pulse diagnosis. It is easy to learn, clarifies underlying theory and shows hard-to- diagnose aspects such as the 5 Element constitution and 8 Extraordinary vessel imbalances. 

This course promises to make a significant difference to your clinical results and enjoyment of practice.    
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​​​Date       Fri 19 October 2018

Time      10am - 6pm 

Cost       £75 (students £65)   

Spaces    Max 20

Tutor   Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee

​​​​Date       Sat 2 February 2019

Time      10am - 5pm 

Cost       £75     

Spaces    Max 16

Tutor   Jamie Hamilton