• The middle jiao, concerned with digestion and metabolism through the transformative power of the digestive fire. The flow of ingested, churned and transformed substances is channelled through many gates and doors, around the central cavity of Ren 12. There are so many ways different channels and qi are intertwined to support the transformation of water and grains into qi blood and fluids.

  • The upper jiao, place of fine mist and refined, subtle qi, is our communication with the spiritual aspects. It houses the middle (or upper) dantian – there are differing views on this – and is the place of the pure heart and lungs, the masters of blood and qi in the body. Here we can communicate with our ancestors, and our ability to connect with the universe through the breath and our essence. In this place of light airy spirits we can affect our external communication with the world as well as psycho-spiritual issues.

Deborah studies and translates Classical Chinese medical texts, with a particular interest in the background and roots of Stems and Branches, divination and calendars, astronomy and astrology.  Her undergraduate dissertation was on spirals and their applications in acupuncture, drawing on her earlier studies in pure mathematics and nature.

She has extended her Stem and Branches understanding with further study with many great teachers including Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée and Dr. Ed Neal (Neijing acupuncture). She is a keen student who is often seen at CPD events. 

She has completed an MA at University College London, with a dissertation on numbers and divination in Chinese Medicine and is currently studying for her PhD. 

An afternoon with a Jiao

About your tutor: Deborah Woolf

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​Interpreting the zangfu 臟腑 organs
of Chinese Medicine​*

​these three days are available to buy as ZOOM recordings

An afternoon with a Jiao​*
​these three afternoons are available to buy as ZOOM recordings

Twenty four Solar fortnights​*
​these 12 separate 2 hour recordings are available to buy as ZOOM recordings

*open to students or anyone with an interest in this area *

These are recordings of three half-day afternoon seminars with Deborah Woolf which took place in the Spring of 2021. In each seminar, Deborah uses medical and alchemical classics to present an integrative study of the acupuncture points in each of the three jiaos. She discusses point names and functions; similarities and differences – why choose this point rather than another, etc.

  • The lower jiao, power from below, place of ditches and drainage, but also the power of the Gate of Life, has a variety of acupuncture points displaying its power. Ren Mai, rising from its inner source, and the ancestral muscle, zongjin, supports the power of fertility and grounding, through its points below the umbilicus. These are flanked by equally powerful points on the foot Yangming, foot Shaoyin and foot Jueyin.

​These are recordings of three half-day afternoon seminars with Deborah Woolf which took place in the Spring of 2021.

Click here to purchase the audio & video recording of the three jiaos.

Feedback from previous participants:

“This CPD created so many links that has given me a better understanding of Chinese medicine and how it flows, therefore giving me a better understanding of how to diagnose and treat. Very good teacher.”

Fascinating content and engaging and lively teaching; incredible depth of knowledge. An extremely interesting and well taught course that deepens the understanding of the Chinese medicine approach to the internal organs. Best taught in 3 separate days as it covers a very wide and deep knowledge of the subject.

“An inspired and amazing teacher who deepens your knowledge and understanding”.

Deborah is passionate about Classical Chinese medicine, and has taught Chinese Medicine, Philosophy and practical skills for almost twenty years at the International College of Chinese Medicine. She combines her teaching with a very busy clinic, applying her understanding of the Classics in the practical realm. Her studies strengthen her clinical practice, and the clinical experience is a valuable tool and focus for her studies. A lively and inspiring teacher, Deborah's knowledge and love of the Chinese language enables direct interpretation for practitioners of Chinese Medicine.