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 Courses in 2024

First Aid

Saturday 7 September 2024

Intro to Thai Tok Sen massage*

Saturday 21 September 2024

Intro to Korean Hand Therapy *

Sunday 22 September 2024

Scars & their impact on the body  - Japanese style

Sat 16 November 2024

Treating Male problems

- Japanese style

Sun 17 November 2024

Recorded Courses​​​

​Interpreting the zangfu 臟腑 organs
of Chinese Medicine​*

​learn about the Chinese characters which form a semantic cloud around each organ

 - a great way to deepen your understanding of organ functions

An afternoon with a Jiao​*
look at the tripartite division of the trunk - and learn more about acupoints in each jiao

Twenty four Solar fortnights​*
​these 12 separate 2 hour recordings are applicable to one month or a full year - including astronomy, astrology, food, ceremonies, acupuncture channels, acupoints, seasonal exercises and more

*open to students or anyone with an interest in this area *

CODE Diode: £50

Japanese diode rings - Diode rings are diodes that are mounted on copper rings.

They initiate movement in the meridians, and are part of the polarity protocols taught by several Japanese acupuncture practitioners.

Used on the fingers they activate the “well” of the meridians, the source, where the energy is most volatile (like a spring head of a river).  Taped on the body, the rings will pull out inflammation, and that action can be enhanced by use of the 3-bypass cord, aluminum foil and the pachi-pachi.

They are especially good for bone and ligament issues, as well as bruises and inflammation, and scars, and can be of help in treating children or those who are needle phobic. Japanese diode rings are a wonderful add-on to your acupuncture tool box.

We have three sizes of diode rings with approximate diameters:

                               small 20mm, medium 26 mm, and large 30mm.

The diode rings are sold in pairs in a presentation box. 

Copper Diode rings

Specialised Japanese acupuncture products

To order: please fill in Booking form with details of the item(s) you want and how many of each (in the COURSES to BOOK section). 

Postage and packing (to the UK) is £10 for up to 20 pairs of diode rings.

For any overseas orders, please contact for revised postage and packing.

Delivery is within 2 weeks.