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 Courses in 2024

Intro to Thai Tok Sen massage*

Saturday 21 September 2024

Intro to Korean Hand Therapy *

Sunday 22 September 2024

Recorded Courses​​​

​Interpreting the zangfu 臟腑 organs
of Chinese Medicine​*

​learn about the Chinese characters which form a semantic cloud around each organ

 - a great way to deepen your understanding of organ functions

An afternoon with a Jiao​*
look at the tripartite division of the trunk - and learn more about acupoints in each jiao

Twenty four Solar fortnights​*
​these 12 separate 2 hour recordings are applicable to one month or a full year - including astronomy, astrology, food, ceremonies, acupuncture channels, acupoints, seasonal exercises and more

*open to students or anyone with an interest in this area *

Intro to Kiiko Matsumoto style acupuncture

John has been a student of Kiiko Mastumoto sensei for 15 years, in the Netherlands and abroad. He applies the method in his own clinical practice on a daily basis: palpation and critical thinking, alongside the Neijing and the Nanjing, are the basis of his clinic.
Before studying acupuncture, John held a black belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijitsu and studied and practised shiatsu and qi gong for about 10 years.
After graduating from acupuncture school, and first meeting David Euler and then Kiiko Matsumoto sensei, he has so far spent over 1000 hours with Kiiko sensei .

About your tutor: ​John Jaarsveld

         Date         Saturday 20 April 2024

        Time         10am - 5pm
        Cost          £80
        Spaces      Max 12
        Tutor        John Jaarsveld

Entry requirements
Qualified acupuncture practitioners. Open to acupuncture students, herbal medicine students, shiatsu students and other practitioners and students of the body.

This workshop is an introduction to Kiiko Matsumoto’s acupuncture style (KMS). Kiiko Mastumoto is a modern master who has developed her own unique style of acupuncture, which for a large part depends on palpation. 

This system is an easy to learn, palpatory method which is designed to provide instant feedback. When using this system, a KMS practitioner follows a palpation sequence which, both establishes a diagnosis and suggests several treatment options which might be effective for treating a particular patient.

This method is largely defined by a highly systematized method of palpation - to gain information through touch. The ability to use palpation to such an extraordinary level of sophistication developed from the fact that as early as the Edo Period (1602-1868) Japanese acupuncture was a profession practiced largely by the blind. Kiiko Matsumoto's teacher, Master Nagano was a blind acupuncturist, so KMS style acupuncture focuses on palpation. Once learned, palpation is an easy and precise method for instant feedback on your patient’s health. Diagnosis and treatment strategies follow each other: specific active reflexes suggest the diagnosis, then treatment efficacy is established by observing changes in those same reflexes.

KMS acupuncture addresses your patient’s health issues on several levels.- it allows you to look more deeply into structural and/or constitutional imbalances (which often underlie symptoms) so you can assist in a more complete and long-lasting healing. This holistic approach gives a KMS acupuncturist the ability to help patients with complex issues.

This system come directly from first-hand experience gained from some of Japan’ s greatest acupuncturists - it is a living tradition which reflects the needs of these times. Kiiko Matsumoto, whose clinical experience spans more than forty years, still studies the classics and is constantly learning and deepening her understanding to provide complete treatment strategies amd innovative treatment techniques. These new clinical insights, allows KMS acupuncture to continue to develop methods designed to achieve the maximum results when treating a patient.

The eclectic nature of Kiiko Matsumoto Style of Acupuncture (KMS) give the practitioner a wide number of viable options from which to choose to create an effective treatment plan which addresses the individual needs of each patient. This style of acupuncture is eminently suited to the diverse needs of our patient population.

In this one day Intro workshop you will learn and practice:

  • why does Kiiko Mastumoto work the way she does?
  • How to palpate the belly (practical)
  • some protocols: what to do, and, more importantly: why.

John has been a student of Kiiko for 15 years and teaches KMS in a very practical way - so students will be able to apply what they have learnt immediately in their clinic.