Clive runs an acupuncture and Gua sha clinic in Barcelona, Spain. He first graduated as a development economist and his experiences within the world of international development later coloured his specific interests within Chinese medicine after becoming an acupuncturist in 2001. One of these was that he became fascinated by Gua sha as a preventative health tool within low income countries. He completed an Msc in Health Promotion and his research continued over the years and culminated in him starting an acupuncture clinic in a Spanish enclave in North Africa where he treated a mixture of Berber and Spanish patients for 11 years. His focus as regards Gua sha was divided between its application in a domestic situation and practice in the clinic. During this time he wrote four books which have since been published and translated into six languages: 'The Book of Oriental Medicine', 'Gua sha: A Complete-Self Treatment Guide', 'Facial Gua sha: A Step-by-step Guide to a Natural Facelift' and 'Holographic Gua sha: A Practical Microsystem Manual'. 

Holographic Gua sha: A Practical Introduction

This is a one day practical workshop exploring how to treat with Holographic Gua sha. Gua sha is much more than scraping the skin and is a commonly misunderstood technique which requires time and patience to learn correctly.

Holographic Gua sha uses knowledge of the microsystems of the scalp, chest, back, feet, hands and bones to make changes to the body connective tissue biomatrix. It involves a basic understanding of the principle of holographic imaging, how Gua sha works on tissue planes and channel systems and how each individual microsystem works with Gua sha.

The focus of this course is on practical skills that were refined in the clinic and can be used straight away in the clinic. This means that throughout the day you get to try out all the ideas and techniques, so that by the end, you will have a solid basis from which to confidently treat using Holographic Gua sha.

There will be numerous demonstrations and ample time for questions and answers as well as supervised practice sessions.

Holographic Guasha workshop

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About your tutor: Clive Witham
Entry requirements Anyone with an interest in the area is welcome - this is a great opportunity to learn how to help yourself, your friends and family.

         Date          Friday 20 May 2022

        Time         10am - 5pm
        Cost          £80
        Spaces      Max 12
        Tutor        Clive Witham

                              *Open to all*