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 New Courses in 2024

Facial Guasha for Selfcare*

Saturday 23 March 2024

Guasha for common ailments*

Sunday 24 March 2024

Integrated approach to treat Musculo-skeletal conditions
Sat & Sunday 6 & 7 April 2024

Intro to Kiiko Matsumoto style acupuncture

Saturday 20 April 2024

Acupuncture without needles - Japanese style

Sunday 21 April 2024

Intro to Thai Tok Sen massage*

Saturday 21 September 2024

Intro to Korean Hand Therapy *

Sunday 22 September 2024

Recorded Courses​​​

​Interpreting the zangfu 臟腑 organs
of Chinese Medicine​*

​learn about the Chinese characters which form a semantic cloud around each organ

 - a great way to deepen your understanding of organ functions

An afternoon with a Jiao​*
look at the tripartite division of the trunk - and learn more about acupoints in each jiao

Twenty four Solar fortnights​*
​these 12 separate 2 hour recordings are applicable to one month or a full year - including astronomy, astrology, food, ceremonies, acupuncture channels, acupoints, seasonal exercises and more

*open to students or anyone with an interest in this area *

Acupuncture without needles - Japanese style

Entry requirements Qualified, acupuncture practitioner, massage therapist, herbalist, physical therapist. Practitioners of any length of practice are welcome. Open to students or anyone with an interest this area.
** open to all**
About your tutor: John Jaarsveld

Non-needle techniques for acupuncturists and body workers

The word Acupuncture comes from the latin "acus", needle and "punctura", pricking.

However, adjunct therapies have evolved that can be used with or without needles.
These can be great
- If the patient cannot tolerate needles
- If you have determined that the patients has had enough needles already, but you still want to add something extra for the patient
- As a home treatment
- As a symptomatic treatment
- As a constitutional treatment

We will specifically cover practical application of:  
Moxibustion is the burning of dried mugwort (artemesia vulgaris), also known as moxa. Moxibustion is used to stimulate and warm up the points and channels of the body. Moxibustion techniques can be applied directly on the skin, or through the pressing method.
Ion Pumping Cords (IPC)
IPCs are made from a copper wire with a germanium silicone diode at the red clip. The positive and negative clips of the IPC use the body’s own bioelectric current to create a polarity between the two points. They can be used according to Eight Extraordinary Channels theory, or as a symptomatic treatment, for a variety of disorders. They are also good to detoxify the liver
Triple Bypass Cords (TBC)
TBC consist of three attached cords that have built-in two diodes allowing the stimulation of three needles in a circular movement of electrons (compared to the linear movement of the IPCs). 
Diode Rings
These are copper rings with germanium diodes - they act as semi-conductors to move the flow of energy and ions in the direction of the channels, producing a healing micro-current at the site of application. They can be used with TBCs and Pachi Pachi or by themselves for the treatment of scars, inflammation, pain, swelling other problems.
Pachi Pachi
The Pachi Pachi sparker creates a continuous static discharge that is used in conjunction with IPCs to to help initiate good ion flow.

​Diode rings and other equipment will be for sale on the day.

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John has been a student of Kiiko Mastumoto sensei for 15 years, in the Netherlands and abroad. He applies the method in his own clinical practice on a daily basis: palpation and critical thinking, alongside the Neijing and the Nanjing, are the basis of his clinic. Before studying acupuncture, John held a black belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijitsu and studied and practised shiatsu and qi gong for about 10 years. After graduating from acupuncture school, and first meeting David Euler and then Kiiko Matsumoto sensei, he has so far spent over 1000 hours with Kiiko sensei .

         Date          Sunday 21 April 2024

        Time         10am - 5pm
        Cost          £80
        Spaces      Max 12
        Tutor         John Jaasrveld